What is the main focus of the requirement of product safety ( in the new standard IATF 16949:2016?

One if the main differences in TS16949:2009 and IATF16949:2016 is the requirement Product Safety.

This is due to a bigger focus on client safety, the final user, worldwide.

Product Safety is the standards related to design and manufacturing of product to ensure that it isn’t harmful or dangerous for the client.

The standard´s intention is to give more attention to the final user taking in consideration commercial processes, design and development, purchasing, inventory, packaging, delivery, etc.

The following must be taken in consideration:

  1. The legal requirements and regulations about the product and its safety for the company and the client.
  2. The identification of the relevant characteristics about the product safety for the client and the supplier.
  3. The clearance of the specific safety requirements of the product and controls: Control Plan, AMEF for Design, and AMEF for the Process.
  4. The identification and monitoring of key safety points in the manufacturing process.
  5. The contingency plan to address any safety issues.
  6. The responsible for taking decisions and information flow in the escalation process.
  7. To warranty the correct information for the personnel involved the product safety.
  8. A Change List that specifies product characteristic changes and the possible side effects.
  9. A clear communication with all the supply chain about the product safety.
  10. All lessons learned about product safety must be readily available for future products.

By Ruben Quiroz


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