Measurement System Analysis is one of the Core Tools. These tools are very important to meet the requirements of the Standard ISO9001 or IATF16949 for the automotive sector.

To start, there are 07 major factors to analyze any measurement system. These can be described with the acronym PISMOEA.

P – Part or piece, that is extracted randomly

I – Measurement tool, it has to be calibrated for the requirement measurement standards.

S – Standar, the specification knowledge, the standard, and the approval and disapproval criteria.

M – Method, there a has to be a set procedure for measurement.

O – Operator, the person must have the skills and the necessary training.

E – Environment, the environment must not affect the measurements. This includes the noise, temperature, lighting, heat, etc.

A – Assumptions, measurement tests should be conducted to assure the reliability of our measurement system. There are 04 tests:

  • Accuracy
  • Precision
  • Stability
  • Gage R&R – The test for Reproducibility and Repeatability is crucial. Repeatability is the variation in measurement of the tool. Reproducibility is the variation in measurement of the operator. Both variations have to be taken into account. Anything below a 10% variation is considered acceptable for a measurement system.

“Bad measurements are bad decisions.” Its very important to have a good measurement system in a company because decisions will be taken from the data generated.

We hope this information will help you improve your measurement system.

By Enrique Gonzalez


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