OHSAS 18001:07

OHSAS 18001:07

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What is the focus of OHSAS 18001:07?

The standard OHSAS 18001 proves a company´s capacity and ability to fulfill the requirements established on workplace health and safety. It emphasizes the commitment of a company to implement, maintain, and improve its workplace health and safety policy. This is a competitive advantage for an organization over its competitors.

The main points of the standard are:

  • To focus on risk management and analysis to generate a safe workplace with higher levels of health and safety. The objective is to eliminate or minimize the risks for employees and stakeholders that they could experience in the workplace.
  • To minimize risks, implement, maintain and continuously improve the Management System for Health and Safety in the Workplace.
  • To create a mechanism to identify the requirements under the current legislation for Workplace Health and Safety.
  • To improve productivity, quality, and efficiency of the company´s activities.
  • To reduce the costs related to events in workplace due to health and safety such as social security, fees related to safety,  insurance fees, medical expenses, lawsuits, and others.
  • The benefits include a better workplace environment, improved customer satisfaction, and higher levels of loyalty from collaborators.
  • To be prepared for emergencies with adequate strategies.
  • To establish objectives and programs for health and safety management so they can be measure and consistent to the Company´s Health and Safety Workplace Policy.
  • To manage correctly the communication, participation and surveying of employees in Workplace Health and Safety Matters.
  • The standard defines the responsibilities and functions related to Workplace Health and Safety for the company´s employees and processes.
  • To monitor and measure the advancements on Workplace Health and Safety of the company.
  • To foster a Workplace Health and Safety Culture for employees and processes in the company.
  • To generate commitment and participation of Top Management for Workplace Health and Safety Matters.

By Juan Antonio Vizcarra


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