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How to identify the legal applicable requirements in the Environmental Management System ISO 14001:15?

Any organization aspirating to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) under the standard ISO14001:15 must consider current legal requirements and regulations applicable to their environment such as: air emissions, water dumping, waste generation, etc. These requirements must be taken into account under the international, national, state, and local law considering additional applicable regulations and standards. Other considerations are agreements within institutions, authorities and internal requirements that the organization has established for the function of its EMS.

An organization is required to a establish a procedure to identify applicable legal and regulation requirements, and the fulfillment stage in which they currently are. An example of a company in Mexico is presented:

  1. Environmental Aspect, water dumping as a consequence of processes inside the company.
  2. Applicable Legislation, NOM-002-SEMARNAT
  3. Fulfilment Level, verifying the maximum level allowed of water dumping is not surpassed according to the characteristics of the residual waters.
  4. Action Plan, establishing an Action Plan to adjust the current parameter to the ones permitted.
  5. Fulfilment Level Verification, checking that the actions taken are in compliance.

By Juan Manual Orranti


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