ISO 17021:15

ISO 17021:15


What are the abilities that an auditor should have according to ISO 17021:15?

ISO 17021:15 is a standard that all Certification Bodies for Management Systems must follow. This applies to quality, environmental, safety, workplace safety, etc.

Under this standard there are abilities stablished that each auditor must show. These are described in four areas:

  1. The auditor must have and demonstrate knowledge about Management.
  2. The auditor must have and demonstrate abilities in the Standard to be audited.
  3. The auditor must have and demonstrate knowledge in the industry to be audited. This point was established by the Standard Industry Code (SIC) which are the codes that all Certification Bodies must have in order to audit. These codes indicate which activities or business sector a company is part of depending on its industry.
  4. The auditor must have and demonstrate knowledge on the Auditing Methodology.

In conclusion, its necessary for the auditor before initiating an auditing process for certification, to show that he has these four abilities.

By Francisco Gutierrez


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