What facilitates the implementation of the Food Safety System ISO 22001?

Speaking from experience, there are two main parts that facilitate the implementation:

The soft part

This has to do with leadership and competence of the personnel responsible of coordinating the project. The responsible should have the following leadership traits:

  1. Tact with collaborators
  2. Affirmative
  3. Commitment
  4. Team mentality
  5. Congruence
  6. Set the example

The responsible should also display these competences:

  1. Food Safety Knowledge
  2. Food Safety Dangers and Risks
  3. Knowledge on Corrective Actions (8´D)
  4. Pre-requirements Implementation (PPR)
  5. Understanding of the risks on food safety and how they apply to their product.

The hard part

This part refers to resources such as facilities, controls, personnel, and economic capabilities of the company. A Food Safety System is one of the most expensive systems because of the pre-requirements that the standard needs. These are some of the most important resources:

  1. Investment on facilities to meet criteria
  2. Customs
  3. Cleaning personnel
  4. Raw Material Control
  5. Services like water, vapor, energy, cold, and corresponding analysis
  6. Waste Control and Supplier Contracting
  7. Equipment and add-ons to prevent contamination
  8. Health and hygiene of personnel including medical exams
  9. Maintenance Control with Food Levels
  10. Plague Control
  11. Microbiological Analysis of facilites and products
  12. Sanitary Facilities and Cleaning Facilities
  13. Investment to foster good practices
  14. Uniforms and equipment necessary for the personnel

These two parts will make any certification on Food Safety smooth. If not considered, they could be a cause of why the certification was aborted.

By Raul Parades




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