10 Skills a Professional Project Manager Should Have

Many people agree that projects are a requirement of today´s world at a personal and professional level. The projects we make can help us achieve our objectives.

The 10 skills a Professional Project Manager should have are:

  1. Project Integration Management. This can be achieved through the Projects Constitution, a formal document which establishes authorization, objectives, members, reach, benefits, and required investment. This document contains the signatures of authorization.
  2. Project Scope Management. The Scope limits our projects; what is included, and what is not included. It sets our limits.
  3. Project Time Management. It is recommended to use the 03 Scenarios Technique to establish optimistic, pessimistic, and realistic times using a mathematical equation for the estimation process. A Gantt Diagram is recommended to see the different activities in a timeline.
  4. Project Cost Management. The Activity Based Costing is an excellent tool. Each activity has to have a cost assigned and should have a resource consumption value to calculate the real project cost. The budget should be stablished from this cost.
  5. Project Quality Management. There are Seven Basic Tools for Quality. Control Charts are great for monitoring costs and activities.
  6. Project Human Resources Management. The Responsibility Assignment Matrix will give you an edge by specifying who will be assigned what of each project.
  7. Project Communication Management. The Relationship Matrix will dictate communication channels and flow between actors.
  8. Project Suppliers Management. The Supplier Matrix will help you select the best suppliers for your project.
  9. Project Risk Management. All activities have risks. We recommend using AMEF, or COSO. These are two world class tools known for their risk evaluation and management.
  10. Project Client Management. All projects have clients and its necessary to keep track of their needs and expectations for the project.

At the end, a professional with these skills will be a qualified project manager.

By Enrique Gonzalez


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