The QMS Responsible

The QMS Responsible

The QMS Responsible

Selecting the right QMS Responsible

Selecting the person responsible of the company´s Quality Managament System (QMS) is key because the implementation, improvement, and maintenance of it depends on this person. Companies should not select because of empathy, hierarchy in the company, or choose someone with little or no experience. There are three dimensions that companies should try to match:

Education. The main characteristic when selecting a person. Education is not in the way of formal education such as grades, but as the way the person treats others, and his ability to make empathy and solve problems. An attitude of problem solving and finding solutions is a must.

Knowledge. The person should know about the tools and methodologies of continues improvement and this must be proportional to the complexity of the proyect.

Experience. The responsible should have some hierarchy inside the organization because he should know key processes, process leaders, and have the authority to make changes. If an inexperienced person is hired, he or she may not be able to understand the complexity of the organization.

In conclusion, the best combination according to my experience is someone with great education or “people skills” with some knowledge and some experience.

Raul Paredes


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