What is FMEA 5.0?

What is FMEA 5.0?


FMEA 5.0 is the new version of Failure Mode Effect Analysis for Design (FMEAD) and Process (FMEAP), this version is the result of a combined effort between AIAG USA and VDA Germany. Its purpose is to unify AMEFP and AMEDFD with the best practices and examples from both organizations to provide a consistent direction and orientation to all the providers of the automotive industry. This way no matter who is the client, it will be done the same way. 

The relevant changes in this new version are: 

  1. RPN (Risk Priority Number) changes to AP (Action Priority) 
  2. The concepts of Detection, Occurrence, and Severity change their definitions. 
Value Possible effects of Failures based on what the final user could experience
10 Effects on the Safety of the Operation of the Vehicle and Other Vehicles, the Health of the Driver or Passenger(s), other users in the road or pedestrians. 
  1. AP has values of High, Medium, and Low.
  2. The format has additional columns. 

Finally, the publication of FMEA 5.0 is scheduled late 2018 and early 2019. The organizations certified with IATF 16949:2016 must update their competences specially of the people responsible for AMEFD and AMEFP, along with Internal auditors, to ensure that those documents are updated. The main purpose of FMEA is to stop identified risks from materializing through preventive action. 

By: Adolfo Barrientos,

Stratega Coach.

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