What standards can help me to eliminate waste in my business?

What standards can help me to eliminate waste in my business?


Most commonly, waste is garbage. Is a residue and from that point of view there are standards such as the Mexican Official Standards, and the International Standards that talk about the way to manage this garbage, to dispose of hazardous waste, and to recycle materials.

Now, look at waste with fresh eyes and in a more general sense. 

Waste for business is anything that DOESN´T generate added value in the eyes of the client, or everything that is additional to the minimum necessary to make a product or service. For example, I make a product and specifically need to use only 1 kg of steel, but I use 1.2 kg, the difference will become waste. Let´s say I should take 1 hour to do a job but I take 1.5 hours, or It takes me 3 tries instead of 1, all of these are examples of waste. 

    1. Excess Inventory
    2. Excessive movement of merchandise or material 
    3. Excessive movement of personnel 
    4. Overproduction 
    5. Over processing
    6. Delays and waiting queues
    7. Defects, specifically in Quality Areas
    8. Waste of talent, and not using the full potential of competencies and qualities of your personnel. 

I hope you can capitalize your efforts to reduce waste in its most convenient form for you. 

By: Dr. Enrique González,

Stratega Coach.

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