Certifications & Sales

Certifications & Sales


Certifications can lead to more Sales

The survival of an organization in the market depends on the sales of the company´s products or services: so it´s clear that the products and services need to meet and surpass the expectations of the current and potential customers.

Companies should look for strategies that make them more competitive and add value to their product and services. An excellent alternative is to standardize the company.

The International Standard Organization, ISO, creates standards that contribute to the economic development and innovation of the organizations no matter their size.

The benefits of having a standard could be:

  • Credibility
  • Trustworthiness
  • Meet law and legal requirements
  • Cost reduction
  • Market Relevance
  • Increase in Productivity

Sales can increase when a company is certified, since companies can participate in national and international projects more efficiently. In Mexico, when working with the Mexican Government in an Official Call, its necessary to be certified on specific standards depending on the necessity of the government. In International Markets such as the Automotive Industry, companies need to be certified in certain standards in order to do business such as IATF16949.

The investment to certify a company in a standard can be recuperated and surpassed. A safe strategy is to work with a consulting firm to ensure that the certification is achieved and the sales of the company increase.

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