Safe Quality Food System

Safe Quality Food System


What must be considered when implementing a SQF system?

There are three activities to consider when implementing a Safe Quality Food System.

First, The SQF System is very distinct because the requirements depend on each product that the organization wants to certify, and unlike must Food Safety Systems these requirements are not the same for all. These is the reason that it is highly recommended to have training on these requirements including enrollment and certification requirements.

Second, a diagnostic of the prerequisites needs to be considered because implementation time and resources are based on the type of facilities and equipment the organization has.

Third, the SQF Team and Leader should be developed and informed in training topics as HACCP, Manufacturing Best Practices, and corrective actions, as well as the companies operations, services and administrative processes.

Th most important thing when implementing is making sure that trainings are done in timely manner since turnover of employees can cause the company to halt implementation.

Once these three activities are done implementation will be substantially easier.

By Raul Paredes



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