The Characteristics of a Process

The Characteristics of a Process


The characteristics of a Process

A process is a sum of activities. Practically all standards have processes: ISO 9001:15 Quality, ISO 14001:15, IATF 16949 Automotive, etc.

All of the standards have a focus based on processes. An important trend of international standards is the process map that is generated in an organization since it administers all of the company’s operations.

A process must have:

  1. Inputs and outputs.
  2. A process leader who is in charge of coordinating all the variables and has responsibility of the process.
  3. Indicators, measurable and appropriate for the process.
  4. A process should be divisible into subprocesses.
  5. A process has personnel involved or connections to distinct areas of the business. These could be horizontal or vertical depending on the company’s organizational chart. This is the key to a focus on processes.
  6. A process should have a procedures defining and establishing the way the activities of the process must be done.

Every process must be audited to ensure its proper function, control, and improvement. There isn’t enough maturity in the organizations to operate without audits.


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